If a doula was a drug, 

it would be unethical not to use it” 

– Dr. John Kennell

From my previous clients

“Laura was an incredible resource throughout our pregnancy. She was a wealth of knowledge and forced us to ask some questions that we were either trying to ignore or overlooked. Before the big day, we practiced delivery positions and Laura answered some of those crazy questions that you only think of in the moment. When it came time for the delivery, she was there every step of the way for both of us. My partner was not prepared to witness me in so much pain during the labor, and Laura provided the emotional support he needed while I was delivering our baby.”

“You were fantastic, Laura. You went above and beyond in the level of support you provided.”

“Laura is a caring, informed, and wonderfully supportive doula. My partner and I so appreciated the way she listened to our concerns, the space she created for us during the labour, and her subsequent follow-up visits. We’re grateful to have had her love and expertise during our birth journey. The moment I met Laura I knew she was the doula I needed to have with me during my pregnancy and labour. I immediately felt a connection to her and sensed a genuine, thoughtful and well informed person. I was sure right!…Having a doula for me not only gave me a support person before and through such a huge moment in life but also now a friend. Laura truly was the best person for our family and we are so grateful to have had her there with us. We love you Laura and thank you so much!

“We had midwifery services when my wife was pregnant. However, as a man, I often felt neglected during the midwifery appointments. Don’t get me wrong, the midwives were amazing but there is little they can do for you as a partner. They were more engaged and concern about the mother and the baby. I had fears and worries. My greatest concern was how I can be useful and helpful to my wife and child during the labour period. When Laura became our doula, she actively engaged me in the process. We talked about the fears and concerns I had. She ‘walked’ me through the things I can do as a husband during the initial stages of the labour period, as well as, other ways to be practically active in the birth process…I recommend Laura as a doula for any couple out there. She makes the doula service as ‘a family affair’ by actively engaging the partner as well – in both the pre-birth and birth services.”

“’For me, having a doula for my pregnancy, labor and birth made all the difference. As first time parents-to-be, my partner and I were privileged to have Laura as our doula. Although the concept of a doula was new to us, we found it a blessing when the opportunity came to us…During our sessions with Laura, her professional but congenial style and approach created a very comfortable atmosphere to discuss our fears and concerns. Her vigilance and proactiveness helped us identify and address some vital areas that we had overlooked and others we had not even thought of in preparation for our little one’s arrival…We felt even luckier when she offered to assist us around the house after our baby arrived. I strongly recommend her services to every expecting couple.”