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If a doula was a drug, 

it would be unethical not to use it” 

– Dr. John Kennell

The Doula Support Foundation

Want doula support but can’t afford it! Don’t give up hope! The Doula Support Foundation is here to support.

I am a proud co-founder of the Doula Support Foundation, a nonprofit that a few wonderful doula colleagues and I have recently set up. Our goal is to make sustainable doula care accessible to all those who would find value in such services but would not otherwise be able to afford it. We saw this is a gap in our Kingston community and want to address it! There is a substantial low-income community in Kingston and the surrounding area, and folks who are low-income stand to benefit the most from doula care. Read below for a bit more information about why we started the Doula Support Foundation.

TO SUPPORT WOMEN and people in our community who need our support the most:


OUR MISSION:  Our goal is to make sustainable doula services available and accessible to all those who want them but could not otherwise afford them.

OUR VISION:  To transform the way we envision birth and parenting in our communities.

We are always looking for financial support too so if you’ve had a doula and loved it, and/or witnessed the incredible capacity of power of a person labouring and giving birth then please consider donating!

For more info contact:

We are also currently running a crowdfunding campaign to help us get off the ground. Check that out here!

Doula Support Foundation’s vision: To transform the way we envision birth and parenting in our community.